In a quest to keep the party going, my buddy Kamil and I went to Winter Park on Labor Day for some downhill mountain biking.

On the first run, while goofing around and trying to drop onto a trail, the mountain jumped up and bit me. Somehow I went over the bars, got my hands and feet caught up in the bike, and augured face-first into the dirt. Y'know... just puckered up and gave Mother Earth a big ol' sloppy kiss.

It was unpleasant.

After the first run, the score was: Mountain - 1, Rob - 0.

Fortunately, the rest of the day was much better. No more head-burgers. Only sweet runs and sweet jumps.

In my battle with the mountain, I eventually came out on top. Plus I managed to get in the last run, of the last day of the season. Sweet.

Many thanks to Skibabeage for hooking us up with passes to Winter Park. They have quite a selection of family fun... from Alpine Slide to Minature golf to tons of mountain biking trails.

From a mountain bike perspective, it's a great place for Cross Country stuff. I honestly doubt you can ride all the trails in a weekend. There's simply trails going everywhere.

In terms of Downhill MTB... well, there's only one black run, and I must be honest and say that it's satisfactory at best. They definitely need to develop the hard core Downhill trails to attract that particular crowd.

But that's okay, because most of the people I came across where on XC bikes. In fact, it's no surprise that they host the WP Fat Tire Classic every year. It's a great place to get away from the front range and ride some trails.

As for winter time... my favorite place to ski in colorado is Winter Park's Mary Jane. It is the place for bumps- no doubt!