Get Outta Town!!!

Hey everyone -

It's been a wonderful time hosting this forum site, but it looks like things are pretty much wrapped up . Chances are I'll continue to check in and chat on the forums... and might even post something now and then. But the 4am adventure, itself, has come to a close and dragging it out past the pictorial review seems pointless. Not to mention, there's another gig waiting and my tickets are booked.

The experience of traveling with Rom, Adam, Cody and the Truckster was nothing short of awesome. We got to see some amazing places and meet all sorts of cool people. Along the way there were mishaps and interesting adventures, some of which will remain in my memory for a long time. Honestly, I wish the trip could have lasted another month or two.

To those of you who joined us and kept up with the stories, I would like to say "thanks." I hope you enjoyed some of my writings and were, at the very least, mildly entertained. I can honestly say that every time one of my postings showed 100 views I received a thrill. I know it's not much, but the fact that more than 100 people read something I took time to write was quite cool. The posts that were viewed by more than 300 were thrice as cool.

Before I officially sign off, I'd like to give a SHOUT OUT to the following people...

Gates and His Mother, for putting us up for a few nights, feeding us well, and getting us drunk on dandelion wine.

Collin and his roommates, for letting us crash at their place for a few nights.

All the Booth Babes at OR Show for being such good sports.

Tim, Bill and Rich, my drinking buddies in Salt Lake. Bill, some how, some way, you and I are twin brothers separated at birth. Don't know how that's possible, but I believe it to be true. Rich-- Thanks for all your advice on marriage/kids, but it will be ignored. You can bet I'll be thinking of you while I watch USC kick Notre Dame's ass later this year.

The Yeti guys for hooking us up with free bikes.

Jim at Timex. You rule, and you are one bad-ass on a mountain bike. Keep up the good work-- and the ruling.

Both Police officers who stopped us in their respective small towns, yet let us off with a warning.

All the folks we met at the top of the Middle Teton

The crew at TGR

Crew at the Rockford

Mike at Base Camp.

Sean and Dave at Base Camp



And to all the girls I've loved before, who've walked in then out my door.

Rob K ............ out.