Who is ononecog ???

Ladies and Gents, we have a bit of a mystery on our hands-- a Mystery Man to be exact.

One of our two most active members, a guy who goes by the name "ononecog," has flown under the radar for this entire Expedition. Along with Skibabeage, he is our other most active member. However, we know very little about him. At one point he asked skibabeage to post a picture of herself and when she did, Mr. Cog failed to reciprocate.

In speaking for the 4am crew, I will say that we have really enjoyed having 1-cog along for the journey. He has been extremely active in the forums, fun to chat back and forth with, and (as he once put it) we consider him our "Earth Brother."

Nevertheless, he remains naught but a figment of our imagination. All we know about 1-cog is that he resides in Florida and apparently has a shit-load of time to surf the web.

Our intel on him is sparse at best. We don't even know what the name "ononecog" means. I suspect that he either rides a single speed bike OR is missing a leg.

Here's the straight dope, 1-cog -- It's been a pleasure having you along. You've been a good sport and a fun participant. We dig you, man! So why don't you offer up some info and let us close out our journey feeling like we know you a little bit? A picture would be swell also-- provided it's not something kinky.

Obviously, I don't know what ononecog looks like. So my imagination has run amok. Here's some images I've compiled of what he may or may not look like...



from ononecog

Ononecog is a cyclist / kayaker surrendering to life in Florida.
ononecog refers to my preference of riding singlespeed bikes, road and off.
as you can guess the paddling I do is flatwater here in Fla.
i'd like to dabble in some hiking and climbing but #1 I am in Florida, and #2 I'm in Florida, this summer has been oppresively HOT, Robs rant on surrendering to life has lighted a fire in me to pursue some ideas I have had on the backburner for a while, if nothing else I'm getting off this office chair and putting some miles on my bikes and paddles.
As you can tell from my incessant posts, I have LOTS of time to pursue those things that make me smile.
My E-mail is Bikenkayak@msn.com Keep in touch if you wanna, perhaps our paths will cross,



from rob

Alright, Mr. Cog (if that is your real name), I'm glad to hear I lit a fire under your ass with one of my posts. Besides making a few bucks on this project and having a good time for a month, it appears this gig actually resulted in something positive. And you mentioned, "if nothing else I'm getting off this office chair and putting some miles on my bikes and paddles." That's cool. My work here is done. Well, almost...

I need to challenge the validity of your photo. By posting it with your reply, which we'll also get to in a moment, you are implying that it is indeed a photo of you. So let's have it-- Is that you carving waves on a surfboard, or just a picture you googled?

My bet: That is not you. I say this for two reasons: 1) you mentioned nothing about surfing, and... 2) you're intentionally being vague and mysterious (possibly because you think babes dig that sort of crap).

Since you've avoided posting a mug shot of yourself, I must draw the conclusion that you're either horribly disfigured, or very insecure with your appearance. A third possibility is that you're wanted by the law, and therefore know that other members will recognize you from this weekend's episode of America's Most Wanted. Whatever the case, you are obviously avoiding the request. Shame on you.

All I have to say is-- we're all friends here. Unless there's a huge reward, you have nothing to worry about. Old, bald, bad teeth, or just butt-ugly... we don't care. Besides, we're not in the position to be picky. We take our friends where we can find them, y'know.

As for the content of your post-- yes, you finally offered up some information. You dig kayaks and one speed bikes... and you live in Florida (which we already knew). Honestly, not a lot there. For instance, "where" do you live in Florida? Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa? Or is it a small BFE town that embarrased itself in one of the last presidential elections?

Are you from Florida originally? Have you lived somewhere with mountains which you'd like to return to one day? What is your astrological sign? Do you watch American Idol or The Apprentice?

Honestly, when it comes right down to it I can't make you come out of your "online shell" and/or post a mug shot of yourself. It's your prerogative. But it won't stop me from trying.

Any how... thanks for taking the time (which you obviously have plenty of, for yet another unspecified reason) and keeping the forums lively. We appreciated your posts as well as the lyrics you unearthed.

Now I'll leave you with a picture of me. It's from way back in my football playing days...