Dinner with Skibabage

After closing out our journeys with festivities on Mt. Evans, we pointed the Truckster downhill to Evergreen, Colorado, where we planned to meet up with our most dedicated female member, a wonderful lady who goes by the name "SKIBABEAGE."

Skibabeage was on the Expedition4am forum site almost every day, responding to our posts and offering us opinions and advice. We tried to meet up with her for some climbing in The City of Rocks, but arrived a couple hours after she left. Nevertheless, she has been along for the entire 4am Journey, in spirit if not actuality. So we were honored when she messaged us with an invite for dinner.

Believe it or not, Skibabeage is not her birth name, it's actually Martha. She is of Italian decent and comes complete with the cooking skills to match. Martha had an AMAZING lasagna prepared for us, along with insalata, appetizers and a biscotti & booze dessert (sorry I forgot the name)! I normally eat one piece of lasagna and that's it. But her lasagna was easily the best I've ever tasted. I polished off two large squares and wished I had room for more!

We showed up with a bottle of vino, and skibabeage was stocked with awesome microbrew. So after dinner, as Diablo, her black cat, wandered around in heat making screw-me-now noises, we drank and chatted.

Martha has a great sense of humor and lots of hospitality. It was fun telling her about some of our adventures, while hearing about her life. Not only is she an avid rock climber and skier, but she's a published author, having written a California Hiking Guide and currently working on some new material. (FYI - you can also read about some of her adventures in the expedition4am "Now you go" forum area.) And let's be honest... how cool is she to cook a huge Italian Feast for a van full of guys, who she's never met and who haven't showered in a couple days?

The awesome food notwithstanding, it was really cool to finally meet up with Skibabeage, someone who we only knew from our interaction on the website.

Thanks for being along for our Journey, Martha! And double thanks for hooking us up with such a wonderful feast! YOU RULE, SKIBABEAGE!