Images of the 4am Adventure - A PICTORIAL REVIEW

Here’s the deal –

I had this notion to do a pictorial review. Y'know... tell the story of our journeys with images.

Then I started looking through all the pictures (all four of us took pics during the trip) and I realized a few things: A) Damn, we have a lot of pics! B) If people want the story of our journey, it's probably best if they just read the posts and view the images therein.

So rather than attempt to piece together a chronological (and potentially boring-ass) picture log of our travels, I decided to share my favorite pics from the entire trip. After all, there were a bunch of awesome images we didn't share during our travels, because they didn't fit well into the posted stories. Sometimes there were simply too many good photos, so I picked the ones that best matched.

The images in this PICTORIAL REVIEW unfold in a random manner. You can take away whatever you want to from them. Sorta like being on a journey all your own.

And if it's true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then this will be my longest post of all!

bandwidth warning: This is a HUGE post, so if you're on a dialup it will take you a LONG time to download all these images—52 total).