SHOUT OUT - Shameless Plugs

Don't close this post until you at least hear me out...

I wasn't asked to post anything about our sponsor(s), nor was it requied, it just seemed like a nice thing to do. After all, if it wasn't for someone paying all the bills so we could have this adventure, there would have been no adventure. And instead of reading this website, which wouldn't exist, you'd be doing something more productive. Besides, it's not like we had a long list of sponsors-- we're not race car drivers for chrissake! We had ONE sponsor, and a few other companies who hooked us up with free stuff.

So while you're here on this site screwing around, take athe next few seconds to read the rest of this post. Make a mental note of these companies as COOL Companies with a love of the outdoors.

TIMEX Expedition The Official Sponsor of Expedition 4am.

These are the guys who made it all happen for us. The Expedition line of watches are really cool and designed for outdoor people like you and me. Thanks for everything Timex! You guys are awesome!


The following companies sponsored us with product:


Thule hooked us up with a Cargo Box for the Turckster. This allowed us to lock up our climbing gear and keep it safe from climbing gear thieves during our adventures. By the end of our trip it was completely plastered with stickers.


AlpineAire Foods

When Aaron Clark heard we were on an expedition, he hooked us up with a bunch of their delicious outdoor meals to cook in the wilderness. This really saved us when we went to Idaho's City of Rock park and failed to load up on groceries. We feasted on their delicious dinners rather than resorting to cannibalism.


YETI Cycles

Yeti hooked us up with their ASX Downhill/Freeride bikes (see post entitled: "Downhill Action at Keystone, CO"), We had a blast thrashing and doing sweet jumps on these kick-ass rides! Thanks Chad and Joe!


Keystone Resorts

What good are downhill bikes without a place to ride? Thanks to Lisa Ragsdale at Keystone Resorts for hooking us up with free lift passes! We had a great time hitting the trails and terrain park!