Almost Over!

Well, ladies and gents (and 1-cog) --

It so happens that we are in the final days of this 5 week Expedition. Itís the home stretch... the finish line is in sight... the story is near its end... or whatever metaphor you prefer.

Although we're not quite done, I must say that this trip has been an amazing experience. Adam, Cody and Rom are really cool guys and itís been an honor traveling around doing crazy things with them! And, of course, thanks to those of you who have joined us, posted responses and read our stories!

Now we still have a few adventures in the works, so expect more reports. As well, I have a little backlog of articles I need to finish and post. Last but not least, youíll get a bit of wrap up from both me and the rest of the Expedition4am Crew.

STAY TUNED!! - More stories of adventure and woe are in the works, as we come screaming down the mountainside and return to our normal lives!