We Caught you a Delicious Bass

While traveling through southern Idaho we stopped in Preston, home of Napoleon Dynamite,
to work on our tetherball skills. Unfortunately, someone stole the tether ball.

So instead, we decided to do some sweet jumps!

According to Sandy at the Pizza Stop, there's been a lot of visitors like us stopping in Preston to work on their skills. She lives by Napoleon's house, the one used in the movie, and said the traffic was crazy this summer. "Lots of people were just driving by to take pictures," she said with a laugh and a roll of her eyes.

Sandy also noted that the locals either love the movie or hate it. "When they hate it," She clarified, "It's because it makes Preston look more podunk than it actually is."

Well, Sandy, I'm here to tell you that no matter how you slice it, Preston IS podunk. At least now it's famous for something other than the Preston Night Rodeo and the Idaho Festival of Lights advertised on the sign at the entrance to town.

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