Ladies - I aim to please

So a few members of our female audience were screaming foul in response to the Booth Babes article. Seems they were disappointed because I failed to do an equivalent Man Beef Cake sorta thing.

Now I hadn't planned on doing such an article, in part because I'm a dude and I'm not into dudes (not that there's anything wrong with that) and in part because it's rare for booths to hire guys as eye candy.

But after seeing the public outcry from out enormous online female following I knew something had to be done. And it helps that one of the guys reminded me about some pics I took at the Helly Hansen Party.

Apparently, while I was pounding back blue martinis-- I don't know what was in them, but they became known to me as bubble gum martinis-- a fashion show erupted. I started snapping pictures like mad with no idea if or when I would use the images.

So without any further adieu, I present you with...

Hunky Boy Toys of The Helly Hansen Fashion Show!

(I don't know their names, so I'll just make them up)