A Ride with the Crew

Now to those of you out in Internet-land who read this forum every day (and that's probably what, 3 of you?) you're probably wondering what it's like to ride along in the Truckster with the Expedition4am crew. Well my friends, wonder no longer.

Below I have prepared a little taste of our experience. My sketch of a typical conversation heard while traveling in the Truckster...

THE SCENE: Rolling down the street in Salt Lake City in the Truckster, passing by a McDonald's. Music plays on the radio...

CODY- I hate Green Day.

ROB - Man, I could go for an Egg McMuffin.

CODY - You mean Mc Shit.

ADAM - Guys, Iím not kidding. That girl was totally into me. It would have been no problem to hook up with her.

ROB - Then what the hell were you waiting for?

ADAM - I'm not gonna hook up with every chick who's throwing herself at me. That's not my style. Besides I really should've hooked up with that 25 year old from earlier instead. Cindy... Shasta... what was her name? Dude, she was so cute.

ROB - The brunette?

ROM - (enthusiastically) That girl was dirty!

ROB - She was skanks-ville.

ROM - Actually she wasn't skanky, she just looked like a dude. A dirty dude.

CODY - So she was YOUR type.

ADAM - Yeah Rom, I'm not the one grinding with transvestites on this trip.

ROM - Hey... I got confirmation from Shaun that the chick in Jackson was indeed a chick... NOT a transvestite

ROB - (suddenly distracted) Ooo... there's a Starbucks!

CODY - Star sucks!

ROB - Coffee's always better when the beans are picked by robots!

ADAM - That brunette was hot and wanted to party... that's all I'm saying. And you bitches are just jealous because you don't have the level of game I have.

ROB - Yeah... that's it.

ROM - Right, Adam. You keep believing that.

ON THE RADIO-- The song changes.

CODY - Uhhgh, the Counting Crows. I despise this band!

We'll see how closely I've come to capturing a typical conversation in the Truckster when each of the crew responds with their comments. I'm guessing they'll be eager to respond!