Party Times! the OR Show

So this weekend entailed a couple of wild evenings of partying here at the Outdoor Retailers Show where much alcohol was consumed Friday and Saturday night. We didn’t remain together as a Crew during all the madness, so I cannot entirely speak for the other guys. Nevertheless, here's a general recap of what went down from my perspective...


The Helly Hansen Party - Rom, Adam and I enjoy Martinis at one of their outlet stores. Awesome appetizers with a small fashion show. They give out gifts to the guests and I get a really nice shirt.

Cody missed the party and we assume he is with one of the Timex guys.

After the party I return drunk to the convention center where a beer garden-style party is in full swing. While looking for beer I meet a guy named Bill. Before you know it I'm part of his group and we move onto a multi level bar called Port O' Call. I go ape-shit dancing to such '80s songs as Bust a Move, The Humpty Dance, and Gettin' Jiggy with it.

Rom, who has a job lined up with Helly Hansen, remains with the HH folks. He gets carted off in a stretch Hummer Limo. He and the roughly 30 people drink 40s as the driver takes them to the
Teva Party. I don't know what goes on at the Teva Party, but I do know there was more drinking. Possibly A LOT more drinking.

Adam hangs out with a booth babe named Savanah. He and Rom me her the day before and she joined us at the Helly Hansen party. Later that evening, I see them across the bar at Port O’Call.

Even later, I run into someone from Timex and discover that Cody was not with the other Timex person. Cody is officially missing.

Around 2am I return to the hotel. Twenty minutes later, Rom and Adam stumble in. Apparently they met up somewhere, along with the now infamous Savanah. Some sort of drama ensued, with her making out with two other booth babes and then crying on her cell phone. Details were sketchy.

Cody stumbles in some time later. He is very tight lipped about the evening and quickly climbs into bed. The only info we get is that he went to a strip club where he spent the evening, then went home with a stripper and one of the bouncers. Needless to say Pulp Fiction style speculation begins to run amok.


The Timex Party - Timex planned an early evening shebang. They had an awesome spread of food, beer and wine laid out at a place named "Squatters." Conrad Anker, the world famous mountain climber, was on hand and the Timex kids were giving out watches as door prizes. Adam, Rom and I attended the party, but once again no Cody.

No one had seen Cody since earlier in the day. So of course we all assumed some crazy sex-fest with the stripper from the night before. Imaginations were running wild...and the jokes were not far behind.

After the Party, the Timex big wigs wanted to take us out for drinks—because, hey, our livers hadn't exploded yet. We ended up at an Italian place not too far away. I don't recall the name, but the waiter was really cool.

Stumbling out of the Italian joint at around midnight, several of us made our way to the
Red Bull sponsored party.

This was an awesome venue that was PUMPING. Held in a big black ball room with studio lighting, there were several projectors flashing slides of cool outdoors pics of their sponsored atheletes. I have no idea what was spinning on the turn table, only that the beat were LOUD. We ordered Red Bull Vodkas, shortly before the stopped serving. A couple of the Helly Hansen girls were there (Sarah and Casey), along with Rom's boss to be (Matt), so we hung out with them. Adam was busy doggin’ on the women (no surprise there) then honed in on Sarah specifically. Rom was chatting it up with his future employer while two fisting Red Bull vodkas. And of course Cody was still AWOL.

By this time, we all assumed Cody was tied up in some basement with full-blown S&M gear while the bouncer and stripper had their way with him. We hoped he was enjoying himself.

Unfortunately, it was difficult to talk with anyone due to the music volume… one of those situations where you have to yell less than 6 inches away… and then they stopped serving booze. So I split.

Like a wussy-wuss I went back to the hotel and was in bed around 1:30.

Cody finally stumbled in around 5 or 6am. He mentioned something about hiking with the bouncer and stripper… then climbed into bed and fell asleep. Hiking? 5am seemed a rather strange time to return from a hike, but I merely shrugged and went back to sleep.

At 7:30-ish I was lying wide awake in bed wondering if I should get the hell up and take a shower. That's when Rom and Adam threw open the door and stormed in.

Apparently, they moved on from the Red Bull Party along with the Helly Hansen entourage and crashed a Rave at the top of the Wells Fargo building. This party went to 4 or 5, and according to the guys there were tons of babes and much debauchery! By the tone of their voice it had been a wicked good time.

I must admit that I was a bit jealous that I had split so early-- I love debauchery.

So that’s the party times recap. The guys will probably chime in with more details in the next day or two.

(P.S. Sorry for no pics. I’m in the boonies posting this, and left my camera 50 miles away at our campsite. Doh!)