Outdoor Retailers Show - Preamble

So we made our way down from Glacier National Park to Salt Lake City. It was difficult to pull ourselves away from such a beautiful place, but duty calls.

The boys upstairs want us at this show, yet they haven't given us a specific agenda. I kinda thought they'd have us dressed up as Giant Watches or wearing sandwich boards and standing on street corners. Or perhaps they'd put us to work serving hors douvres or manning the Timex booth, dressed in Polo shirts. Any of this could still happen, of course... we simply don't know.

Nevertheless, in the absence of an agenda, here's what we've determined to be some noble goals for our time here at the Outdoors Retailers Convention:

- Gather schwag from the booths.

- Talk to hot marketing girls giving away the schwag.

- Get more stickers for The Truckster.

- Drink excessively at company parties.

- Meet Timex guys, convince them to treat us to sushi.

- Try to break away often for some activities in the area.