It Lives!!!

Resurrected from the dead... THE TRUCKSTER RIDES AGAIN!

Like a rebirth, like a sequel, like Peter Boyle in Young Frankenstein "Puttin' on the Ritz!"...The Family Truckster is BACK, baby!

Our new friends at Farr Automotive in Bozeman hooked us up with some timely service, and had the Truckster repaired right before beer-thirty on Friday. Just in time for some weekend adventures! Big thanks to Dani in the front office and Matt the mechanic! You guys were awesome!

So what was ailing the Truckster? What caused its failure in Yellowstone?

Well, it seem the kids in Jackson, who installed the new starter, mixed up the wires. The result was that the alternator wasn't charging the battery or running the vehicle. The engine was running entirely off the battery and finally gave out. And of course, sans alternator, the repeated jumpstarts failed to remedy the situation for more than a minute or so.

But several hundred dollars later... we're back on the road. Isn't money a wonderful thing?