Yo! ...U of M Wolverines!

Just a quick Shout Out to Nick, Jesse and Kory ...the Geology Students from the
University of Michigan, who I met at the summit of the Middle Teton this time yesterday. Hey guys... my camera was having battery issues when I took pics of you and the Timex Expedition watches you happened to be wearing! Do me a favor and respond to this posting with a pic or two we took with your camera!

Cool meeting you... have a great time with your summer projects and exploring Wyoming! Stay tuned for a full-blown posting about hiking the Middle Teton.

Go Blue!



Hail to the Victors!

Rob, Thanks for the shout out, it was great meeting you; anywhere else but the summit wouldn't do you guys justice. Nick's even more excited to get to Thailand now than before, which didn't seem possible. Here's the shot you took of the three of us in front of the Grand. Just one question though- if you had battery problems, does that mean no Canadian Friends and, more importantly, that you lost the shot of you? Terribly sorry if that's the case. Good luck with the rest of your adventures...



Great meeting you guys! Glad to hear Nick is stoked for his trip to Thialand-- be certain to hit up the Full Moon Party on Kao Panyang. It takes place on the night of the full moon (duh), and involved lost of travelers drinking heavily.

re battery probs: I lost a handful of pics... mostly the ones of you guys posing and displaying your Expedition watches. Stupid camera. Got most of the canadians, tho... and some good ones of myself. no worries.

chime in from time to time and let us know how your adventures/studies are going!