Ladies, Ladies, Ladies...

Originally, our Timex sponsors wanted at least one woman on Expedition4am. Three female applicants were approached to be crew members-- One couldn't make it, and the other two could not be reached by email or phone until it was too late (they had been out of the country). As a result, Expedition4am filled the short bus with dudes.

Personally, as the writer on this outing, I would have enjoyed and benefited from a female perspective of the outdoor lifestyle. Unfortunately that wasn't to be.

But no worries, because HERE'S THE DEAL...

This is an open forum and we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE our female audience to post stories of their adventures. Get some pics of you and your friends on our site... we'd love to see what you are up to! Post some exciting adventures and make the guys out there jealous of your skills.

ALSO... we'd love to have some ladies along on our adventures. We desperately need to break up the dude factor. Riding, climbing, hiking, rafting... we'd love to have you along! Drop us a line here and let us know if you're going to be in the same area!