Jackson Madness - 3

Aside from our outdoor activities, we've been doing our best to burn the candle at both ends.

While in Steamboat Springs, we smuggled Dandelion Wine and Tequila into the Hot Springs one night. The combination of hot water and alcohol really got us loopy. Fortunately, Cody refrained from boozing up and graciously assumed the roll of designated driver. Eventually, we left the hot springs with the intent of changing clothes and hitting a local bar. This is where Rom gets the award for "lightweight." He passed out on the lawn before even heading to the bar...

Here in Jackson we hit up Disco Night at the Coach. Rom managed to hold his alcohol just fine on this night, but danced and grinded with what we think was a transvestite. It may have been a girl dressed up in a wig and other garb for the disco theme... or it may have been a dude in drag. Cody, Adam and I were left scratching our heads, as was Rom. When votes were counted the next morning the crew was divided, but the general consensus was-- a DUDE.

Saturday night we crashed a couple of bars before ending up at the Rancher Spirits & Billiards where we danced to some awesome 80's beats. I requested Safety Dance and Bust a Move (by Young MC). These tunes took me back to late high school and early college. For the rest of the crew it was probably kindergarten or 1st grade.

Overall we enjoyed a wicked good time... many brews, shots and cocktails, along with tons of dancing! Below are some pics of some of the people we met and danced with...