Jackson Madness - 1

The day we arrived in Jackson, a guy named Sean hooked us up with a killer MTB ride. It began at the Snow King Ski Area on a trail known as the Hagen Highway, which later connected to a roller-coaster-like single track named Putt-Putt. It was a 16 mile ride... and Sean rode it sans rear brake!

That's right, his rear disc brake line bled out in the parking lot only minutes before we hit the trail. He glanced at the hydrolic fluid on the ground and shrugged it off like he had spilled a glass of water. Then he rode the entire afternoon with only his front brake.

I honestly figured he'd take a couple headers over the bars. There's I'd be, merrily riding along. I'd carve around some turn and there he'd be sprawled out on the ground in a slowly dissipating dust cloud. Nope-- NOT AT ALL. Sean stuck the winding downhills on the Putt-Putt trail, throwing caution to the wind and bombing down them as if he had both brakes. I rode behind him for a few of the crazier sections and was impressed.

Bad-ass award to Sean!!!

Here's Sean and and a few more pix from our ride...