Know Your Expedition Crew...

Who are the guys on this Expedition?

You can't know the Players without a program!
So below are some pics and general information...

Romolo Marcucci
codename: Romstein
home: New Hampshire
occupation: Recent Graduate of UVM
outdoor specialties: High Country Backpaking, Skiiing

Cody Munger
codename: Brody
home: Boulder,Colorado
occupation: Web Developer
outdoor specialties: Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Mountain Unicycle

Adam Gospodarek
codename: Rockstar
home: Madison, Wisconsin
occupation Accountant
outdoor specialties: Mountain Biking, Tele-skiing

Rob Korotky - "rob k"
codename: Old School
home: Lakewood, Colorado
occupation: Writer/Producer
outdoor specialties: Mountain Biking, Skiing